Men’s Style 2013: Top ways to becoming the sexiest man at the New Year’s Eve party

Men’s fashion can seem so simplistic sometimes; the regular, run of the mill pants and a shirt can be boring.  As a result, guys end up all looking the same, especially at the club or at parties.  This New Year‘s, you can definitely stand out amungst your peers just by changing a few things.

First of all, being  extremely stylish and well groomed doesn’t make you any less of a man.  Think of it like this, putting your own special flair into your daily fashion shows what’s special and unique about you. Sometimes your fashion speaks louder than your words, so when you go out this New Year’s Eve to celebrate 2013, let your fashion speak for you so you don’t have to worry so much about what your words are saying. Got it? Good.

you can order this at This is good, without looking like you're going to a magic show.

you can order this at This is good, without looking like you’re going to a magic show.

A great blazer is a great place to start.  Don’t wear a sweater, and try to avoid bulky long-sleeve shirts (like those make of wool or tweed). It’s a good chance that you’ll be having a few drinks on New Year’s; whether you are going to a club or to a get together with friends, the drinks and the people are going to make you pretty warm.  Wear layers so that if you need to strip, you can.  For example, a great top ensemble might be a blazer and a graphic tee, or a blazer, a button-up shirt, and a tee-shirt underneath (depending on where you’re going).

This ensemble is also from Hugo Boss. Take a look at the movement and flow of the pants.  They are sexy, and are loose enough around the crotch and legs; making them very comfortable and easy to wear.

This ensemble is also from Hugo Boss. Take a look at the movement and flow of the pants. They are sexy, and are loose enough around the crotch and legs; making them very comfortable and easy to wear.

This New Year”s Eve, you want to be as comfortable as possible.  While your drinking and having fun, you don’t want to be worried about what your clothes look like.  For that reason, I’d stay away from tight pants.  Although they can be sexy, loose pants are sexy too.

Pic from This is actually their skinny jean, a more loose, slim fit.

Pic from This is actually their skinny jean, a more loose, slim fit.

Tight clothes make you at least twice as much self-conscious than you need to be. Trust me, I’m a girl. Tight-ass pants and alcohol will just make you look fatter than usual at the end of the night.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect holiday to add fun, dorky objects of curio to your outfit.  These kind of things  could be New Year’s themed glasses, cups, pins, hats, glow ropes, and an array of other goofy products that are available that I just haven’t seen yet. These types of things are great for stirring up conversation, and they make you look like the fun guy in the group.



Overall, make sure what you wear this New Year’s is something that you feel comfortable in, and is something that lets your personality through.  Don’t be the boring guy in 2013!




Have you ever been out with a girl and wanted to do something sexy, but didn’t want it to be something that was obvious to everyone else around? There are many super sensitive places on a woman’s body that are in plain sight even when she’s fully dressed, and every loves a little PDA sometimes.

1. The infamous neck.

The neck is a hot spot for men and women, all the time. A great way to get a woman aroused in plain sight is to whisper in her ear a secret.  You can whisper whatever you want in her ear, but make sure your lips touch her neck at some point, and say some words with the H sound in them so a bit of your breathe can tickle her neck.  If she’s into you, her eyes will sort of roll, in a “feel’s good” sort of way, or she might grab her neck when your done, as if she’s bracing herself for what’s next.  If she’s not into you, she won’t even let you get close enough to feel her neck. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

2. The ears.

The ears are really sensitive and can easily get a woman aroused, but there are some rules to follow when activating the ears in public.  A moderate level of comfort and attraction has to already be established before you can use the ears in public, otherwise it will just seem too creepy. Basically, If  you’ve had sex with the girl already, then it’s safe to use the ears in  public. The back of the ear is the most sensitive part of the ear itself and the best way to reach it in public is to actually touch it, more like, caress it.  If the two of you are sitting side by side, put your arm around her shoulder and sort of pull her into your chest, then lightly grab her ear, fingers in the front and your thumb behind the ear.  Once your hand is in place, rub your thumb up and down in a natural motion.  If she’s into you, she’ll sort of close her eyes in pleasure and she take a deep breathe when your done. If she’s not into you, she won’t even let you feel her ear.

Other places that were good, but didn’t make the list:

cheeks (the one’s on the face)



jaw line

The #1 easiest way to get rid of man acne!


English: Acne Vulgaris: A: Cystic acne on the ...

English: Acne Vulgaris: A: Cystic acne on the face, B: Subsiding tropical acne of trunc, C: Extensive acne on chest and shoulders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does your face look like this?  If you have bad skin, you know how hard it can be to find something that works.  A lot of guys that I know who pick regular drugstore acne treatments quit using them in a matter of weeks, or are constantly complaining about the burning and irritation the treatments cause.

Everyone at some point has went to sleep with toothpaste on their skin. The reason why toothpaste works so well is because of the baking soda inside.  Baking soda helps remove oil, dirt and bacteria from the pores, which is why it’s so good at getting rid of acne breakouts.

Before you invest in a pricey acne treatment, see if a daily baking soda mask will work for you. Give this treatment at least a month before calling it quits.  If you don’t have chronic acne and are using it for just a few pimples, you’ll be able to see a difference after the first usage.

What you will need:

  • tbsp of baking soda
  • pure water

Mix the two until the mixture looks and feels like a paste.  If it’s too watery, it will be too messy when you put it on.  You can either apply it all over your face, or directly onto the pimple.  Leave it on for at least three minutes.  Ff the pimple is really big, you might want to leave it on over night.

Things to add to make the baking soda mask even stronger:

  1. pure lemon extract (not imitation)
  2. pure almond extract (not imitation)
  3. apple cider vinegar
  4. a crushed vitamin A tablet

All of these extra ingredients naturally draw dead skin, bacteria, oil and dirt out of the skin, however, they all will burn when using them to get rid of acne. If your skin is really bad, I would not HESITATE to grab any one of these to  make the baking soda mask even stronger! Cry now, celebrate later 🙂


NY in black

I thought these pictures where very interesting. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to share them with you guys. They remind of the movies, when they show depictions of old London sometimes. They invoke an old contemporary feel to me, even though they aren’t of old things. Idk… What do you guys think?



Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-01Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-03Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-05Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-06Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-07Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-08Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-09Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-10Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-11Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-12Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-13Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-14Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-15Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-16Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-17Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-18Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-19French photographer Christophe Jacrot has captured NY´s scene from the final week of last October in his series “New York In Black.” Whether were watching on television, or among the displaced, something we all can agree on was the strange and eerie mood of Lower Manhattan during the week in which darkness descended upon New York City and wiped us all off the power grid (thanks to Hurricane Sandy). In an almost painterly fashion, Jacrot gives us some angles of New York City appearing almost as an old Hollywood set, and it was all elaborately staged. Surreal.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein

True reality of 2012
Ballerinas take over the Big Apple
Ashes and snow
Dance like no one´s watching
60´s skate

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In the words of Kanye: That Shit Crae!!!!



No longer are men boxing  themselves into standard men’s fashion.  The pant and the short, two that were the go-to, are now being intruded upon by the dress and the skirt.


That’s right, first seen on runways around the world, then on Diddy, and now Kanye.  I can’t get used to this skirt shit. If I saw my boyfriend wearing one of my dresses, I’d bust a capillary.



You guys have got to comment on this shit!


















50 Women Voted: The sexiest parts of a man’s body, the Lips and chest

After surveying 50 girls, we voted that the two sexiest parts of a man’s body are his lips and his chest. Congratulations to you if you have both and  are equally appealing.



Thin,really small almost non-existent lips aren’t as fun to kiss as fuller lips, but both get the job done for the right woman. In general, lips are just sexy, great teeth are even better, pair that with fresh breath and a nice smile and you’ve got the mouth of a God!  I don’t think I have ever met a man with a bad smile,  but I have seen a few pairs of bad lips in my day! On the bright side, all you need to keep your lips kissable is some chap-stick and some gum or mints.  If your lips are really thin, you might want to invest in a clear lip plumper, just to make them look a little fuller than they really are.




Although most women go ape-shit for a chiseled  nicely cut chest, muscles aren’t the only reason why the chest made the sexy list. In most cases the first reference of physical contact is the hug: a full body to body embrace with two faces, buries in the other’s neck.  The chest provides comfort and safety. Even if you don’t have the chest of a bodybuilder, your can still make your girl feel comfortable and safe, that’s why it’s so sexy.

On the other hand, when your’e just trying to stunt on people in public, and serve up some serious eye candy, a rock hard chest is seriously necessary!





Top places to take your girl for an inexpensive getaway in New Jersey

There aren’t  many sentence combinations that  bring more joy than, “pack your shit girl. We’re going on a trip.”   I love going on trips and spending my man’s money, but I know every weekend can’t be a getaway in the Hampton’s.

Great place to stay in AC

Great place to stay in AC

Atlantic City is one of the best places to plan an inexpensive trip for your girl. Hotel room prices on the weekend are skyscraper high, so you wanna try to plan your trip during the week. My boyfriend and I stayed at the AC Hilton from Monday to Friday morning for only $65 a night.

Planning trips during the spring and fall seasons can help keep your traveling fees low.  Those seasons aren’t major times of the year for traveling, so hotels and other tourists’ venues just want to fill seats and their prices aren’t as inflated as they are during regular vacation  seasons.

Me giving a thumbs up on the boardwalk.

Me giving a thumbs up on the boardwalk.

Another great way to treat your girl is to take her on a day trip.  These types of getaway require a little bit of planning depending on how you want to spend the day.  Pick a weekend to get a couple’s massage with her, or to do something out of the norm, like a pottery lesson, or camping.    Trips like these are great because even though you both aren’t going somewhere that’s 100 miles away, you still bring something new and exciting to the relationship she, that has never done before. The secret to doing the daytime getaway right is to keep in mind the kind of girl you have and the type of things you know she will enjoy.  Don’t plan to go camping if you know she’s going to bitch about bugs the whole time. Your goal is to create a new experience that you both can enjoy.


Tattoos: the sexiest art-form known to man

nice right? I got this pic from

Nice right? I got this pic from

There’s plenty of sights that tell how be safe and pick out the right shop to get your work done, so this is not one of those types. Tattoos are intriguing  interesting, fun to look at, and usually have some of the best stories behind them.  I think I might be  giving away too much when I say that all my friends have tattoos, and so do I! Anyway, tattoos are cool for guys of all ages, so even if you’re in your 40’s,  your still good to go on the ink.  When I see a man with tattoos, it tells me that he’s not boring, he’s not afraid of a little danger, he can take a little pain and that he’s not quick to judge.  The most interesting tattoo story I have ever heard, was when a friend of mind went to a tattoo party in “the hood.”  He came in with a picture of what he wanted: a bull with his name going through it.  The bull turned out looking more like a dog with horns. The moral to the story is: don’t go to tattoo parties to get your ink done.  Basically, as long as your tats look cool as hell, it’s a bonus!

photo from

photo from