I know a lot of guys who like baby lotion, and really, I do understand the obsession with it: it’s a really nice smell, it feels good on the skin at first, and you can get buy it almost anywhere for the cheap.  Listen, there’s nothing a woman appreciates more than a well-scented, moisturized man, but all lotions aren’t created equal!


Here’s a more man-friendly moisturizer    Palmer’s cocoa-butter moisturizers are just as common as baby lotions or any of those other more watery, inferior options that are floating around your local drug store.  My favorite, especially for the winter is the one in the picture, that has the vitamin E in it. Trust, this is good stuff.

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All in all most guys have sensitive skin that need just as much care, if not more, than the average woman; so if you feel like lotions don’t keep you moisturized throughout the day, start to avoid moisturizers with alcohol in them.  the more alcohol in a product, the faster it dries out the skin. If you are eco-friendly and love all things “green,” you might consider using natural raw oils for moisturizers, and avoid lotions all together. Olive oil, pure cocoa butter,  and shea butter are natural oils that are commonly found raw without any chemicals.  These are really good for your skin and are really easy to find.

By the way, this is a picture of a shea butter nut. They just dig that stuff right out the nut and sell it.  IT MOISTURIZES EVERYTHING! Even hair.







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