Finding the right skinny jean for the right body type is pretty tricky, and a lot men’s wear designers are still struggling with the right fit for American men. Even though the skinny jean is growing more popular everyday, the male skinny jean is an European style and is most favored by American pop stars and teens. So the problem is, now you’re seeing your favorite gangster rappers and hard-core entertainers wear the jean, but the truth is, while women might approve of their most admired rock star wearing really tight skinny jeans, that doesn’t mean she wants her next boyfriend to be obsessed with them.

5 Secrets to finding the best skinny jean fit.

1. Although we love our European brethren across the Atlantic, I don’t think we are ready for the tight, tight,  realllly tight jean just . yet.

2. You’re a guy right? so when your picking out skinny jeans for yourself, remember the reason you love girls in skinny jeans, is the same reason women love men in skinny jeans: we both want to see the goods! In this case it would be your great legs and behind…Remember that.

Pic from, buy there too!

Pic from, buy there too!

3. If you are athletically built, you pretty much have free rein, and can rock your skinny jeans as tight as you want.  Athletic built means that you have super cut legs and firm tight buns!

Pic from This is actually their skinny jean, a more loose, slim fit.

Pic from This is actually their skinny jean, a more loose, slim fit.

4. If you are not as athletically built and are more on the cuddly side, you want to stay away from the skinny jean, and go for the slim fitted jean, which gives more room than the skinny jean, but still looks nice and fitted.  Think of it like this: you know the thoughts that run through your mind when you see a more plump girl with too small pants? Well the thoughts you’d be thinking of her, are the same thoughts we’ll be thinking of you if YOUR pants look too small. Any way, skinny jeans can be uncomfortable, and it’s hard to show confidence when you’re too conscious of what you’re wearing.  Don’t worry about the skinny jean fad, instead of chasing a trend, wear the fit that makes you look your best and feel your best.

5.  In the end, skinny jeans are all about the sexy silhouette they give the body, so if it doesn’t look sexy to you, than it won’t look sexy to us.


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