50 Women Voted: The sexiest parts of a man’s body, the Lips and chest

After surveying 50 girls, we voted that the two sexiest parts of a man’s body are his lips and his chest. Congratulations to you if you have both and  are equally appealing.



Thin,really small almost non-existent lips aren’t as fun to kiss as fuller lips, but both get the job done for the right woman. In general, lips are just sexy, great teeth are even better, pair that with fresh breath and a nice smile and you’ve got the mouth of a God!  I don’t think I have ever met a man with a bad smile,  but I have seen a few pairs of bad lips in my day! On the bright side, all you need to keep your lips kissable is some chap-stick and some gum or mints.  If your lips are really thin, you might want to invest in a clear lip plumper, just to make them look a little fuller than they really are.




Although most women go ape-shit for a chiseled  nicely cut chest, muscles aren’t the only reason why the chest made the sexy list. In most cases the first reference of physical contact is the hug: a full body to body embrace with two faces, buries in the other’s neck.  The chest provides comfort and safety. Even if you don’t have the chest of a bodybuilder, your can still make your girl feel comfortable and safe, that’s why it’s so sexy.

On the other hand, when your’e just trying to stunt on people in public, and serve up some serious eye candy, a rock hard chest is seriously necessary!






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