Through-Back Thursdays: Wonerwall by Oasis- are we all waiting for the savior, that is always on a cigarette break?


Movies, books, songs, even poems, tell people what men need and what women need.  I’ve known my boyfriend for nine years now, but it wasn’t until maybe the fifth year, that I found out what I really meant to him.  It wasn’t until I sat down and really looked at our relationship, that I realized ( in the fifth year) that I had abandoned him every time he really needed me, I mean, REALLY needed me.  He had helped me through  the hardest parts of my life-step by step, day by day, tear after tear. But every time he got thrown out of his house, I wasn’t there, even when he got in his car accident, I wasn’t there. When he was at his worst, I wasn’t there. That’s when it dawned on me that partly, because he was a man, I didn’t realize (at the time) that he needed me to be their.  I think men spend a lot of time waiting for women to find out that their not the only ones locked in a tower, waiting for a savior to find them and break the magic curse; that guys need to be rescued sometimes too.  Wonderwall, by Oasis, released in 1995 made me think of the waiting; for that person who you would catch a bullet for, to  understand that you’re made  flesh, and that so far your ass has been getting shot up.  I’m glad I understood that I needed to save him sometimes, but some girls just don’t ever figure it out.


Anyway, that’s why Wonderwall is our thro’ back. wutcha think about this one guys?


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