Man Food: finger lickin hot-ass wing sauce, YOU’LL NEVER ORDER WINGS AGAIN

So, everyone loves a good hot-wing.  Wings (my personal favorite) are so delicious that I could eat them everyday, but some restaurants are really inconsistent; one day they’re good the next day they’re really bad.  With this really simple wing sauce recipe, I promise you’ll want to put it on everything: it’s THAT good!


1 bag of frozen chicken wings

1 stick of butter

1 cup of hot sauce (whatever brand is your favorite)

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

Basil (optional)

1 tbs honey (optional)

Bowl of "Wings"

Bowl of “Wings” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fry the chicken without any salt or flour: just plain. Fry the chicken until the skin is completely crunchy; don’t burn it though.  I guess you could bake the chicken too, as long as the chicken turns out nice and crunchy.  If the skin is not crunchy, the chicken is going to be nasty.  Make sure your oil is really hot before you try to fry the chicken.  An easy way to check if oil the hot is to take a tiny pinch of flour  (if you have it) and drop the pinch into the oil.  If it sizzles, then the oil’s ready. If it sinks to the bottom, the oil’s not ready yet.


Start the sauce at the same time you start frying the chicken.  Add one stick of butter and one cup of hot sauce in a sauce pan.  My favorite hot sauce is Louisiana  or Tabasco   If you don’t think the hot sauce will be hot enough, add a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper.. Let the butter and hot sauce combo simmer for 30-45 minutes.Keep the pan on low, and  Don’t forget to stir it about every seven minutes.

The sauce will go through three phases:

Phase one: butter and sauce will be melting together.

Phase two: butter and sauce will appear to be nicely melted together.  You’ll think it’s done but it won’t be.  Let it simmer a little longer.

Phase three: the oil from the butter will separate and rise to the top.  That’s when the sauce is done.

If the sauce is too acidic for you, add a tablespoon of honey to it, or three tablespoons of brown sugar.

Once everything is done, pour the sauce over the chicken. Be sure to stir the sauce as you pour. You can sprinkle some basil on top for taste, after that, go H.A.M!



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