Michael Kors: Watches that make women break their NECKS!

A lot of women love designer Michael Kors; he’s a judge on Project Runway, and one of the best designers known to man!  I think more women wear his fashions than men; and yes, his clothes are expensive!  Just recently, I took a trip to Lord and Taylor and noticed a whole collection of Michael Kors men’s watches. There’s nothing more timeless than a good time-piece! Check out some of my favorites for men.

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Click here to check out the Michael Kors website to see more of his watches. By the way, if you grab a watch, don’t forget to get your girl a purse!


Three Ways To Treat Your Girl That Don’t Involve You Spending Money!

Sometimes if you’re in a relationship or dating, it’s hard to tell what she really wants from you after about a month in.  When it comes down to it; it’s not always about gifts, going out, or spending money all the time.  Here are some things you can do for her that speak volumes over an expensive date (for a girl that really cares about you).


Help her take her weave out

First of all, It might be a while before the girl even let’s you know officially that her hair is not real, but you’ll find out soon enough. If she doesn’t wear weave, do things like: take out her ponytail of help her flat iron the back of her hair. Helping take out her weave will let her know that you think she’s  beautiful even without all the bells and whistles; that you accept her the way she is.  This will make her feel even more comfortable around you, and with that comfort comes more trust.

If she’s trying to loose weight, buy her a milk shake

Women are ALWAYS trying to loose weight, no matter what.  We do it because we are constantly trying to be prettier than the next chic. Messing up her diet plan (with a milkshake or one of her favorite foods)  shows that you like the way she looks, and that even if this diet doesn’t go well (which it probably won’t) , you’ll still tear-that-ass-up


PDA in front of her friends

If she’s got three friends, trust me, at least two of them are haters and would hop into bed with you in a heart beat. No matter what, don’t act on your impulse to do charity for bumb-chics; neither one of them are half the women that your girl is, that’s why they hate on her. When she’s around them, give  her a good kiss and/or hug her  tight and grab her butt at the same time.  This will make her feel really special; and more importantly, it will show her friends that you are down for her and aren’t hardly thinking about any of them.

If the woman you are dating is a good match for you, these little things will mean something to her.  You’ll always take her on dates and buy her gifts; but not every man will do these kinds of things for her.  Just be careful what kind of girl you do this for; all of these will lead to increased trust, which means more vulnerability on her part. As a result, she’ll want more trust and vulnerability from you.