Three things that men do that ALL women hate

man-upset-with-woman-630x423Let’s cut the chase, There are tons of things that men do, and that women do, that if one or the other would stop doing, the world would be a much better place, and probably with a much lower crime rate; but I digress.   If you want to know three things you, as a guy, can do to improve your relationships with the women in your life, then keep reading!

1. Once is enough…  

If you’re with a woman and she appears to be more quiet than usual. don’t keep asking her, “are you okay,” or “are you mad,” over and over and over again.  By the time you’re done drilling her on whether or not she’s mad or if she’s okay; irregardless to if she was mad before you started asking her, she’s definitely mad at you now for asking her the same question over and over and over again.  Ask once or twice at most, and then just drop it.  If she really has something to say she will say it eventually.

2. Operate on a don’t ask, don’t tell policyMen-And-Women

This means that when you start a new relationship, or if you’re with a woman; remember that it’s 2013 and all the saints left a long time ago.  Don’t drill her about old boyfriends, how many men she knows and things of that nature.  The men she knew before are just the past. They helped make her into  who she is now in some way or another; so don’t let past occurences screw up a good thing.

3. Leave your friends out of it

I’m pretty sure this goes for both men and women, but when it comes to relationships, both romantic or otherwise, don’t let your friends’ opinions influence you too much; take each piece of advice with a grain of salt.  Remember, at the end of the day it’s you by yourself; you have to live with each decision you make. Don’t end up regretting not doing something or regret having done something because your friend thought you should. Just be yourself and make you own choices.


Three fool proof ways to get out of the friend zone

Sound like you? Don't worry, we might be able to help you!

Sound like you? Don’t worry, we might be able to help you!

It sucks when you get put into the friend zone with a woman you really like; on the other hand, it’s probably your fault why you got put there in the first place.  Here are three of the most typical friend zone situations , and how you can make your way out of the friend zone, and into the end zone.

1. Scenario: you’re in the friend zone with a woman who dates a lot of broke-ass fast talkers

For some women, being a good friend is not enough. She’ll date tons of losers that seem to have nothing beyond a nice face and decent conversation before she’ll even consider you  more than a friend.  If you’re trying to get a woman who gets caught up in “game,” and seems to always end up with guys who have a lot of style, but are all talk and no punch, you need to put your money where your mouth is …LITERALLY.  This girl is attracted to assets-like what kind of car you have, where you work, and most importantly, what you are willing to share with her.  To get out of the friend zone with a woman who is attracted to material things because the men she chooses never spend money on her, you need to show her that you’re no cheap-skate to get out of the friend zone. Buy dinner without her asking, bring her flowers, wear some  nicer clothes around her. Show her that you are willing to share not just your heart, but your wealth as well.

2. Scenario: you’re in the friend zone with a woman who’s dated a lot of guys who have money, and already makes good money on her own.

Some women don’t see material things as the deal breaker. If you are in the friend zone with a woman who is used to having nice things, or being with men who don’t mind spending money on her; to get out of the friend zone with  her you have to show that you care about her much more than a friend ever could, and that you only want to see her happy in the end.  In order to do this, during times when she really needs someone to be there for her, maybe she’s going through emotional struggles, maybe she’s very insecure about something, maybe she’s having a hard time dealing with something another guy has done to her; you have to be there for her until she is over the situation, without trying to make a move. Once the smoke is cleared she’ll realize that you are the one true person that will have her back through everything, and she’ll start to see you in a different light.

3. Scenario: you’re in the friend zone with a woman that you already do so much for, that you should be her boyfriend, but sadly, you’re not!

3. Here’s our last type.  In this case, let’s say that for this woman, you’re her door mat: you do everything for her, you buy her things, you listen to her problems, you’re always there, but you’re still in the friend zone; the only way to change your situation is to leave her alone. Stop doing things for her, and start putting your energy into women who are really interested in you.  After some time, this woman will realize how much you being there really meant to her and she’ll come looking for you.

Beware: these will only work if the woman is already physically/sexually attracted to you.  If not, FORGET IT!