SFD, or strong fellows and distinguished men. This is what the letters mean to me-a woman and the author of this genius blog, although a girlfriend of mine thought it stood for Sexy and Fucking Dangerous, which even I had to admit  was pretty kick-ass.  If you don’t know already, unlike the conundrum that is the mind of a woman, the man’s psyche is not as complex of a mystery; in fact it’s more like: feed me, sex me, rub my back, and not necessarily in that order. So who better to take advice  on today’s best men’s fashion,  latest trends, music, gadgets and other cool things, than from a woman?  If you’re still pondering that question upon beginning this sentence that means you are smarter than you think, and you already know the answer: THERE IS NO ONE ELSE BETTER, and  you did good by choosing me for the advice and entertainment you’ve been waiting for.  Otherwise, the blind are leading the blind, and you would have never found out that your last girlfriend hated your recently grown beard/braids/Jesus hair; and left you because of it. HAPPY READING!


By the way, that’s my face and the current logo in the gallery.



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