Most guys eventually learn that letting your girlfriend, “friend,” chick-on-the-side, or what ever you call her; pick what movies or shows you guys watch is the first step to the day resulting in a good night for you.  At some point you were probably forced to watch shows like “Housewives of Atlanta,” or “Bad Girl’s Club.”  Here are some movies and shows that satisfy her need to watch female drama, but at the same time, are pretty entertaining so you won’t be pissed watching, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Love and Hip Hop

This show is full of female drama, but at the same time some of your favorite rappers (like Jim Jones and Benzino of  XXL) are on the show too, so while she’s getting what she needs from girl world, you get to see what some of your favorite Hip Hop personalities are doing these days.


The Vow

On the surface, “The Vow” looks like your average girly love story, but Channing Tatum brought a realness to the movie that makes it entertaining and fun to watch. You definitely won’t fall asleep on this. It’s not just about a woman falling in love again, it’s about a real guy, protecting his girl and having her back, and in the end, she shows him that she’s down for him too.


The Next Three Days

In this movie, Russell Crowe plays a husband who’s wife is accused of killing another woman.  The bottom line is, he helps his wife escape from jail, and then moves she and their son out of the country to escape police.  This movie is extremely entertaining. Russell Crowe is like this super-gangster/ ride-or-die husband that won’t let his wife go to jail for something he knows she didn’t do.  This movie is so good, your girl will swear she picked it out.


Okay, let me know how this goes, and what you guys think:)