Interview with War Chyld: The future of hip-hop belongs to the fans.

Rap Artist War Chyld

Rap Artist War Chyld

Nowadays,   you might say hip-hop is the new sex: it’s everywhere and everybody’s doing it. Although we have our own perspective on the future of hip-hop,  it’s  great to get an idea of where our most favorite art is headed,  from someone who is actually doing it well.

War Chyld, independent rapper from Philly, who gave us songs like  “Google me Now,” and “Honeymoon” featuring Slim from 112, is no stranger to underground hop-hop ciphers, and the mainstream version of hip-hop we see everyday. “hip-hop is headed in a direction where, it’s what each individual  fan makes it,” says War Chyld. “You can go to Walmart and buy a little poppy CD that’s all over ICarly…or go buy an underground legend like Sean Price.  Hip-hop hasn’t gone away, its still here.”

I remember when hip-hop used to be a cult-art, where you could pick a fan out of a crowd from miles away could maybe guess what he  or she was listening to and be right 90 percent of the time. “Hip-hop use to be just hip-hop, then they started using it in burger king commercials… and people  started feeling like, ” well I could be a rapper,” says War Chyld. “They take our culture and say… take a 12 year old with a Mohawk  and put him in a  commercial, because it’s all good and anybody can rap. They made a mockery out of hip-hop, but  to me, the heart of hip-hop  still beats.”

It seems to me that there’s two versions of hip-hop now,  the version we here on the radio, and the heart of the music, which you have  to do a little digging to find.  Click here for part II.


TBT: songs that should be on your pre-date playlist

Every women has a pre-date playlist: a playlist of songs that make her feel sexy, irresistible and powerful.  So guys, I know you have some songs that are a MUST for you to hear, whether you’re going out with a new girl or out with friends.  With all the rituals that come with going out and having a good time, consider adding these throw-back joints to your list of confidence- boosting jams

Diamond In The Back-William DeVaughn

This song has been covered many times, but the original is my favorite version.  This song is really smooth, it’s the perfect jam to get dresses to.  It makes you feel cool; like you are “the shit.” It has a really sexy, beat and the lyrics are dope.

Flashing Lights- Kanye West

okay, so this isn’t really a throw-back, but its a hot song. This song will definitely make you want to “stunt” when you put it on.

Beautiful People- Chris Brown

This song Rings Bells all over-the-place.  It’s really fun to listen to.

Crew Love-Drake

This is one of the songs that you and your crew listen to on the way to where ever you’re going; cuz doesn’t every one have luv for your crew??? I thought so:)


In the words of Kanye: That Shit Crae!!!!



No longer are men boxing  themselves into standard men’s fashion.  The pant and the short, two that were the go-to, are now being intruded upon by the dress and the skirt.


That’s right, first seen on runways around the world, then on Diddy, and now Kanye.  I can’t get used to this skirt shit. If I saw my boyfriend wearing one of my dresses, I’d bust a capillary.



You guys have got to comment on this shit!


















Tattoos: the sexiest art-form known to man

nice right? I got this pic from

Nice right? I got this pic from

There’s plenty of sights that tell how be safe and pick out the right shop to get your work done, so this is not one of those types. Tattoos are intriguing  interesting, fun to look at, and usually have some of the best stories behind them.  I think I might be  giving away too much when I say that all my friends have tattoos, and so do I! Anyway, tattoos are cool for guys of all ages, so even if you’re in your 40’s,  your still good to go on the ink.  When I see a man with tattoos, it tells me that he’s not boring, he’s not afraid of a little danger, he can take a little pain and that he’s not quick to judge.  The most interesting tattoo story I have ever heard, was when a friend of mind went to a tattoo party in “the hood.”  He came in with a picture of what he wanted: a bull with his name going through it.  The bull turned out looking more like a dog with horns. The moral to the story is: don’t go to tattoo parties to get your ink done.  Basically, as long as your tats look cool as hell, it’s a bonus!

photo from

photo from

Throw-back Thursdays! Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development: More than a rap song,

I remember the first time I heard the 1992 hit single, “Mr Wendal,” by the Atlanta HipHop group Arrested development. I was with my older sister, we were sharing an orange in her bedroom as we sat by the window. On this particular day there was a lot of sunshine; the rays spilled through the window and onto our laps as we sat.

Although I can’t say that this song made me a giver, it definitely made me more of a thinker.  Have you ever seen a man with no clothes, no money, or no plate? It makes me wonder how a man could be proud, even when it seems he has nothing.

At any given time, our tangible measurement of wealth could be dissolved  taken, liquidated, or just plain lost.  Clearly their should be more to a man than his salary.  We should have much more than what our salary says we have, our banks say we have, what our friends say we have, or what anything else, or anyone else says we have.  If you’re having trouble remembering your intangible worth, here’s a few words that will remind you.






full of knowledge



If you were Mr. Wendal, which of these would you have to give?

Maybe personality really is everything.