Michael Kors: Watches that make women break their NECKS!

A lot of women love designer Michael Kors; he’s a judge on Project Runway, and one of the best designers known to man!  I think more women wear his fashions than men; and yes, his clothes are expensive!  Just recently, I took a trip to Lord and Taylor and noticed a whole collection of Michael Kors men’s watches. There’s nothing more timeless than a good time-piece! Check out some of my favorites for men.

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Click here to check out the Michael Kors website to see more of his watches. By the way, if you grab a watch, don’t forget to get your girl a purse!


How to get your girlfriend to try new things


After being with the same girl for over a year, you should know a lot about her.  Most women are very adventurous and want to try just as many things as you want to try, but overwhelming afterthoughts keep them from being as free-spirited as they want.  The difference between you and some guy she doesn’t care about is that no matter what she does with him, she can choose not to see him again at any time, and could care less what he thinks.  With you, she cares about what you think of her, and doesn’t want anyone or anything else jeopardizing how you feel about her. Some of the most common explanations for not wanting to try new things, that women who have been with their boyfriends (or husbands) for a long time share, range between three categories:  worry of humiliation, regretting the morning after, and finding something that she (or you) might like more than the usual.  Here are some things you can do to release her inhibitions (that don’t include drugs or illegal substances), that you might not have already tried, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Embarrass yourself

One way to help your girlfriend try new things is to show her that even you have a great sense of humor, and can embarrass yourself without taking it too seriously.This will help her see a vulnerable side of you, that is not so serious and will help her  be more accepting and welcoming to new experiences that might be  embarrassing.  Doing things like skinny dipping, or streaking is a great way to do something embarrassing together, who knows what creepers might see you guys!

Let her be herself

Not every couple talks about intimate fantasies, but everyone fantasizes about not-so-typical  things.  Let her tell you her fantasy, without getting offended or giving her the, “wow, you’d really do that” face.  Letting her discuss her deepest most secretive fantasies with you will make her feel even more comfortable with herself and her sexuality around you.

Let her tell you what to do

Being adventurous takes a certain amount of confidence.  She needs to know that no matter what crazy situations the two of you get into,  you will respect her feelings, protect her, and always take her side, no matter what.  Building this type of trust with her  comes from you (as the man) respecting and trusting her judgement, and in some situations, being able to “see” what she’s feeling, without her having to say what she’s feeling all the time (you know how women make those faces).

Complement her body

Make your girlfriend feel comfortable about her body, by showing that you like all her parts, not just the fun ones.  It’s impossible for your girlfriend to be completely free with you if she’s worried that you don’t like the way she looks.  It’s more than telling her that she’s beautiful; but you have to really show her.  Once she truly believes that you love her body, and no other woman could steal the physical love you have for her, she will definitely be more willing to try new things with you, and you’ll be able to recognize this change in her.


If you’re not willing to take this journey with your girlfriend, trust me, you guys are definitely going to break-up!

Men’s Cologne: Strong, Fresh and Sweet- how every girl likes her man to be, and how she likes her man to smell

Picking a cologne can be very difficult and can take a long time.  When buying a new fragrance every man should keep two thoughts in mind, one: how do I like this smell, and two: how will my girlfriend like this smell on me? Some women like strong scents, some like fresh scents, and some like sweet.  If you’re going cologne browsing by yourself and don’t know where to start, use these fragrances to help navagate your way around the cologne counter; especially if you’re looking for something new for Valentines Day.



Drakkar Noir is a cologne that has been around for a long time.  This is a classic fragrance, one that you might have seen on your dads dresser when you were growing up.  It is very warm; reminds me of cigars.  It Smells like Egyptian musk with hints of licorice and spice.  Just be sure to apply this one sparingly because it has a very strong scent.


Aramis Is also one of the classics too, it’s been around since the 70’s and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  This one is sweet, but very strong, manly, and robust.  I have to admit  I’m not a big fan of strong colognes, but I love to hug guys who wear this fragrance. The smell of it makes me feel relaxed and safe; the way a girl should feel when she’s in a man’s arms.  This one  smells like leather with hints of floral and vanilla.



Nautica Voyage is one of my favorite cool scents for men.  It starts off smelling like the ocean and sea-breeze  but as it develops, you start to smell different spices    lingering underneath the cool ocean scents.  This one is great for guys who are really into water sports because the smell of it really captures a part of the ocean.


Calvin Klein’s Eternity: Agua is also a great fragrance for men.  This one differs from Nautica Voyage in that the oceanic-cool smell lasts longer and the scent is less spicy  and has a truer ocean-breeze quality.  Both of these are really sporty and great for guys who like colognes that reflect what things they like to do in real life.



Prada Amber is a beautiful smell.  It starts off very sweet, smelling like vanilla and cedar wood, then as the fragrance develops. It turns into a very warm, fresh-out-the-shower-soapy smell.  This one is great for the guy who’s girlfriend  likes sweet scents on him, but want’s something more than your average vanilla/chocolate axe spray.  This one reminds me of leather, vanilla and soap; sounds like a weird combination, but it all smells so sexy together.


Angel Men.  You may have seen a fragrance called, “Angel” on your girlfriends dresser top at some point, but don’t worry because the  Angel fragrance for men comes in a completely different bottle (so you guys won’t be matching).  This cologne is as sweet as it gets when it comes to men’s cologne.  It smells like vanilla and caramel   If you are looking for a fragrance that will make your girlfriend want to “eat” you, this is the one.

Angel Men Cologne Metal Case




Men’s style: John Varvatos, a designer that knows what the American man looks like

John Varvatos is one designer that men of all ages look really sexy wearing.  His clothes are like 19th century English gent meets 2012  Brooklyn hustla’.

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All his looks provide a clean and classy silhouette  with enough edginess to make them stand out amongst a sea of mediocre  designs and more of the  same ol’ same ol’.  I love the fact that he is an American designer and you can see how being “made in America,” has deeply influenced his style perspective.

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His designs have a comfortable  fit and are cut to give an almost-tailored look.  My favorite parts of his collection are the accessories.  Bags, sunglasses, belts, cuff links and even fragrances, give Varvato’s line a very unique identity.

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These are some of my favorite pieces from Varvatos, I even bought my boyfriend a couple of his things for Christmas.

Men’s Skin Care: the top 3 ways to protect your skin from wrinkling, the younger you start, the better

When it comes it comes to stopping your skin from aging, the secret is to be proactive and start before the wrinkling starts.  The truth of the matter is that once you get wrinkly, the only way to make yourself look better is plastic surgery; but research shows that if you change a few things while your young (or wrinkle free, usually around 35-40), then the better your chances are preserving your skin.  Although many wrinkle lotions are made for women, no one wants to watch their body and facial features rot  right in front of their eyes, and as a man, you don’t have to watch the favorite parts of your face sag, decapitate, and fade away, as long as you do something to stop it early enough.


When you ingest vitamins, the antioxidants and  minerals usually are not used to nourish the  skin, but when applied topically the skin does a really good job at directly absorbing the nutrients. Antioxidants aide the skin in its ability to protect itself from pollutants, which results in the skins enhanced ability to moisturize, to prevent breakouts, and to fade and prevent age spots and dark spots ( that frequently pose as freckles).  Vitamins A, E and C are a combination of antioxidants and vitamins that have anti-wrinkling properties. These vitamins assist the skin in moisture absorption,  prevent the formation of liver spots and dark spots, and  aide the skin in pollution protection.  Unfortunately, most really good antioxidant lotions can cost up to $100 or more, but you can find a good one for around $30.  If you only use it on your face, hands and neck, it will last a really long time.

This is a Vitamin C lotion from the Signature A club brand.  It's only about $30.  VitaminC helps tighten the skin, and hlps fade age spots, or dark spots, like pimple bruises, or bruises left behind from ingrown hairs.  This cream doesn't feel greasy on the face, and doesn't smell girly.

This is a Vitamin C lotion from the Signature A club brand. It’s only about $30. VitaminC helps tighten the skin, and hlps fade age spots, or dark spots, like pimple bruises, or bruises left behind from ingrown hairs. This cream doesn’t feel greasy on the face, and doesn’t smell girly. It’s most economical if you order it from hsn.com

Omega Fatty Acids and Collagen

The last layer of your skin is made of fatty tissue that over the years, looses moisture and begins to sag.  Collagen creams can help fill these fat deposits if they are already sagging.  If they aren’t sagging yet, creams with Omega fatty acids (like omega 3, or 6) are great at assisting the skin in maintaining a healthy fat deposit, in order to stop wrinkling.  lotions that  have flaxseed oil or almond oil will have Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which is good for your skin. Just be sure to use these every other day (not daily) if you have oily skin, in order to prevent clogged pores( clogged pores =pimples).


using a face scrub will allow your skin to shed the outer layer of dead skin that accumulates on the skin’s surface, which is virtually impossible to get rid of without exfoliating.  Sometimes, even after your first time exfoliating you’ll see a big difference in your skin.  Exfoliating prevents pimples, and prevents dead skin from accumulating on the skins surface. This means that the healthier layer of skin will be able to receive better nourishment (from the lotions you use, the sun and so forth). Just remember to exfoliate your hands, neck and face at the same time.

This honey and oat scrub is perfect for all types off skin and won't get stuck in  your beard. The best thing about it is that it won't make you breakout, and that you can buy it  at any drugstore.  it usually costs no more than $5.

This honey and oat scrub is perfect for all types off skin and won’t get stuck in your beard. The best thing about it is that it won’t make you breakout, and that you can buy it at any drugstore. it usually costs no more than $5.

Men’s style: The bow tie is the true statement maker of 2013. SAY SOMETHING!

The invention of the bow tie first began with a man named George Bryan “Beau” Brummell, and is a french version of the English classic.  Over the years the bow tie has lost some of its fines; not to mention that ties are easier to find and a little bit easier to wear.  Just because something is easier to find, doesn’t make it better.  Usually bow ties are saved for special occasions, but due to the emergence of bow ties in casual patterns and materials, they are now being used as the  true “statement maker.”

I found this on thebowtieclub.com this as a GOOD look, and it makes such a bold statement, without even trying.

I found this on thebowtieclub.com This as a GOOD look, and it makes such a bold statement, without trying too hard..

Flag ties are great because they look good, and they say so much without you having to say anything at all.  Flag ties are more of a casual look, not the tie you want to wear to prom.  Honestly, you could pair this with a pin-stripped  button-up a pair of jeans, Nikes and a fitted hat for a really great urban-geek look.  Other great bow tie patterns like plaid and solid colors, can be really casual too.

I found this one at beautiesltd.com. This is such a sexy look. way better than a tie!

I found this one at beautiesltd.com. This is such a sexy look. way better than a tie!

For special occasions this year, leave your tie at home and pickup a bow tie.  This one is elegant, sexy and sophisticated. It’s impossible to go wrong with such a good look.

I found this one at ties.com this is great look for fraternities, shot out to Omega Psi Phi!

I found this one at ties.com this is great look for fraternities, shot out to Omega Psi Phi!

Stripped bow ties are the BEST selection, especially if you’re in a fraternity or club and want to (or need to) where your colors. Never can enough be said about the bow tie.  This is a great part of men’s fashion that often is left out.  If you are interested and want to learn how to tie one, click here.




Men’s Style 2013: Top ways to becoming the sexiest man at the New Year’s Eve party

Men’s fashion can seem so simplistic sometimes; the regular, run of the mill pants and a shirt can be boring.  As a result, guys end up all looking the same, especially at the club or at parties.  This New Year‘s, you can definitely stand out amungst your peers just by changing a few things.

First of all, being  extremely stylish and well groomed doesn’t make you any less of a man.  Think of it like this, putting your own special flair into your daily fashion shows what’s special and unique about you. Sometimes your fashion speaks louder than your words, so when you go out this New Year’s Eve to celebrate 2013, let your fashion speak for you so you don’t have to worry so much about what your words are saying. Got it? Good.

you can order this at hugoboss.com. This is good, without looking like you're going to a magic show.

you can order this at hugoboss.com. This is good, without looking like you’re going to a magic show.

A great blazer is a great place to start.  Don’t wear a sweater, and try to avoid bulky long-sleeve shirts (like those make of wool or tweed). It’s a good chance that you’ll be having a few drinks on New Year’s; whether you are going to a club or to a get together with friends, the drinks and the people are going to make you pretty warm.  Wear layers so that if you need to strip, you can.  For example, a great top ensemble might be a blazer and a graphic tee, or a blazer, a button-up shirt, and a tee-shirt underneath (depending on where you’re going).

This ensemble is also from Hugo Boss. Take a look at the movement and flow of the pants.  They are sexy, and are loose enough around the crotch and legs; making them very comfortable and easy to wear.

This ensemble is also from Hugo Boss. Take a look at the movement and flow of the pants. They are sexy, and are loose enough around the crotch and legs; making them very comfortable and easy to wear.

This New Year”s Eve, you want to be as comfortable as possible.  While your drinking and having fun, you don’t want to be worried about what your clothes look like.  For that reason, I’d stay away from tight pants.  Although they can be sexy, loose pants are sexy too.

Pic from truereligionbrandjeanscanada.com. This is actually their skinny jean, a more loose, slim fit.

Pic from truereligionbrandjeanscanada.com. This is actually their skinny jean, a more loose, slim fit.

Tight clothes make you at least twice as much self-conscious than you need to be. Trust me, I’m a girl. Tight-ass pants and alcohol will just make you look fatter than usual at the end of the night.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect holiday to add fun, dorky objects of curio to your outfit.  These kind of things  could be New Year’s themed glasses, cups, pins, hats, glow ropes, and an array of other goofy products that are available that I just haven’t seen yet. These types of things are great for stirring up conversation, and they make you look like the fun guy in the group.

from sunglasswarehouse.com

from sunglasswarehouse.com

Overall, make sure what you wear this New Year’s is something that you feel comfortable in, and is something that lets your personality through.  Don’t be the boring guy in 2013!

from amazon.com

from amazon.com

Have you ever been out with a girl and wanted to do something sexy, but didn’t want it to be something that was obvious to everyone else around? There are many super sensitive places on a woman’s body that are in plain sight even when she’s fully dressed, and every loves a little PDA sometimes.

1. The infamous neck.

The neck is a hot spot for men and women, all the time. A great way to get a woman aroused in plain sight is to whisper in her ear a secret.  You can whisper whatever you want in her ear, but make sure your lips touch her neck at some point, and say some words with the H sound in them so a bit of your breathe can tickle her neck.  If she’s into you, her eyes will sort of roll, in a “feel’s good” sort of way, or she might grab her neck when your done, as if she’s bracing herself for what’s next.  If she’s not into you, she won’t even let you get close enough to feel her neck. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

2. The ears.

The ears are really sensitive and can easily get a woman aroused, but there are some rules to follow when activating the ears in public.  A moderate level of comfort and attraction has to already be established before you can use the ears in public, otherwise it will just seem too creepy. Basically, If  you’ve had sex with the girl already, then it’s safe to use the ears in  public. The back of the ear is the most sensitive part of the ear itself and the best way to reach it in public is to actually touch it, more like, caress it.  If the two of you are sitting side by side, put your arm around her shoulder and sort of pull her into your chest, then lightly grab her ear, fingers in the front and your thumb behind the ear.  Once your hand is in place, rub your thumb up and down in a natural motion.  If she’s into you, she’ll sort of close her eyes in pleasure and she take a deep breathe when your done. If she’s not into you, she won’t even let you feel her ear.

Other places that were good, but didn’t make the list:

cheeks (the one’s on the face)



jaw line

In the words of Kanye: That Shit Crae!!!!

from realtalkny.uproxx.com.

from realtalkny.uproxx.com.

No longer are men boxing  themselves into standard men’s fashion.  The pant and the short, two that were the go-to, are now being intruded upon by the dress and the skirt.


from fashionwatchers.nl

That’s right, first seen on runways around the world, then on Diddy, and now Kanye.  I can’t get used to this skirt shit. If I saw my boyfriend wearing one of my dresses, I’d bust a capillary.

from insidehoops.com

from insidehoops.com

You guys have got to comment on this shit!


















50 Women Voted: The sexiest parts of a man’s body, the Lips and chest

After surveying 50 girls, we voted that the two sexiest parts of a man’s body are his lips and his chest. Congratulations to you if you have both and  are equally appealing.



Thin,really small almost non-existent lips aren’t as fun to kiss as fuller lips, but both get the job done for the right woman. In general, lips are just sexy, great teeth are even better, pair that with fresh breath and a nice smile and you’ve got the mouth of a God!  I don’t think I have ever met a man with a bad smile,  but I have seen a few pairs of bad lips in my day! On the bright side, all you need to keep your lips kissable is some chap-stick and some gum or mints.  If your lips are really thin, you might want to invest in a clear lip plumper, just to make them look a little fuller than they really are.




Although most women go ape-shit for a chiseled  nicely cut chest, muscles aren’t the only reason why the chest made the sexy list. In most cases the first reference of physical contact is the hug: a full body to body embrace with two faces, buries in the other’s neck.  The chest provides comfort and safety. Even if you don’t have the chest of a bodybuilder, your can still make your girl feel comfortable and safe, that’s why it’s so sexy.

On the other hand, when your’e just trying to stunt on people in public, and serve up some serious eye candy, a rock hard chest is seriously necessary!