Tattoos: the sexiest art-form known to man

nice right? I got this pic from

Nice right? I got this pic from

There’s plenty of sights that tell how be safe and pick out the right shop to get your work done, so this is not one of those types. Tattoos are intriguing  interesting, fun to look at, and usually have some of the best stories behind them.  I think I might be  giving away too much when I say that all my friends have tattoos, and so do I! Anyway, tattoos are cool for guys of all ages, so even if you’re in your 40’s,  your still good to go on the ink.  When I see a man with tattoos, it tells me that he’s not boring, he’s not afraid of a little danger, he can take a little pain and that he’s not quick to judge.  The most interesting tattoo story I have ever heard, was when a friend of mind went to a tattoo party in “the hood.”  He came in with a picture of what he wanted: a bull with his name going through it.  The bull turned out looking more like a dog with horns. The moral to the story is: don’t go to tattoo parties to get your ink done.  Basically, as long as your tats look cool as hell, it’s a bonus!

photo from

photo from