Interview with War Chyld: The future of hip-hop belongs to the fans.

Rap Artist War Chyld

Rap Artist War Chyld

Nowadays,   you might say hip-hop is the new sex: it’s everywhere and everybody’s doing it. Although we have our own perspective on the future of hip-hop,  it’s  great to get an idea of where our most favorite art is headed,  from someone who is actually doing it well.

War Chyld, independent rapper from Philly, who gave us songs like  “Google me Now,” and “Honeymoon” featuring Slim from 112, is no stranger to underground hop-hop ciphers, and the mainstream version of hip-hop we see everyday. “hip-hop is headed in a direction where, it’s what each individual  fan makes it,” says War Chyld. “You can go to Walmart and buy a little poppy CD that’s all over ICarly…or go buy an underground legend like Sean Price.  Hip-hop hasn’t gone away, its still here.”

I remember when hip-hop used to be a cult-art, where you could pick a fan out of a crowd from miles away could maybe guess what he  or she was listening to and be right 90 percent of the time. “Hip-hop use to be just hip-hop, then they started using it in burger king commercials… and people  started feeling like, ” well I could be a rapper,” says War Chyld. “They take our culture and say… take a 12 year old with a Mohawk  and put him in a  commercial, because it’s all good and anybody can rap. They made a mockery out of hip-hop, but  to me, the heart of hip-hop  still beats.”

It seems to me that there’s two versions of hip-hop now,  the version we here on the radio, and the heart of the music, which you have  to do a little digging to find.  Click here for part II.


WOMEN SURVEYED: Most easily aroused parts of a women’s body, even when she’s fully clothed

Have you ever been out with a girl and wanted to do something sexy, but didn’t want it to be something that was obvious to everyone else around? There are many super sensitive places on a woman’s body that are in plain sight even when she’s fully dressed, and every loves a little PDA sometimes.

1. The infamous neck.

The neck is a hot spot for men and women, all the time. A great way to get a woman aroused in plain sight is to whisper in her ear a secret.  You can whisper whatever you want in her ear, but make sure your lips touch her neck at some point, and say some words with the H sound in them so a bit of your breathe can tickle her neck.  If she’s into you, her eyes will sort of roll, in a “feel’s good” sort of way, or she might grab her neck when your done, as if she’s bracing herself for what’s next.  If she’s not into you, she won’t even let you get close enough to feel her neck. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

2. The ears.

The ears are really sensitive and can easily get a woman aroused, but there are some rules to follow when activating the ears in public.  A moderate level of comfort and attraction has to already be established before you can use the ears in public, otherwise it will just seem too creepy. Basically, If  you’ve had sex with the girl already, then it’s safe to use the ears in  public. The back of the ear is the most sensitive part of the ear itself and the best way to reach it in public is to actually touch it, more like, caress it.  If the two of you are sitting side by side, put your arm around her shoulder and sort of pull her into your chest, then lightly grab her ear, fingers in the front and your thumb behind the ear.  Once your hand is in place, rub your thumb up and down in a natural motion.  If she’s into you, she’ll sort of close her eyes in pleasure and she take a deep breathe when your done. If she’s not into you, she won’t even let you feel her ear.

Other places that were good, but didn’t make the list:

cheeks (the one’s on the face)



jaw line

Project 40

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I had an interesting discussion with my friend about my sneaker and suit post.
The truth is some dress shoes are very comfortable. In fact some dress shoes are equally, if not more comfortable than sneakers. So I wanted to post about one brand that does it well.
Cole Haan is one brand I can fully endorse. Using sneaker technology created by its former owner Nike, Cole Haan combines style and comfort.
Below Taye Diggs sports a pair of Cole Haan Cooper wingtip oxfords ($280).
I love these shoes!
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Through-Back Thursdays: Wonerwall by Oasis- are we all waiting for the savior, that is always on a cigarette break?


Movies, books, songs, even poems, tell people what men need and what women need.  I’ve known my boyfriend for nine years now, but it wasn’t until maybe the fifth year, that I found out what I really meant to him.  It wasn’t until I sat down and really looked at our relationship, that I realized ( in the fifth year) that I had abandoned him every time he really needed me, I mean, REALLY needed me.  He had helped me through  the hardest parts of my life-step by step, day by day, tear after tear. But every time he got thrown out of his house, I wasn’t there, even when he got in his car accident, I wasn’t there. When he was at his worst, I wasn’t there. That’s when it dawned on me that partly, because he was a man, I didn’t realize (at the time) that he needed me to be their.  I think men spend a lot of time waiting for women to find out that their not the only ones locked in a tower, waiting for a savior to find them and break the magic curse; that guys need to be rescued sometimes too.  Wonderwall, by Oasis, released in 1995 made me think of the waiting; for that person who you would catch a bullet for, to  understand that you’re made  flesh, and that so far your ass has been getting shot up.  I’m glad I understood that I needed to save him sometimes, but some girls just don’t ever figure it out.


Anyway, that’s why Wonderwall is our thro’ back. wutcha think about this one guys?

For Auld Lang Syne

hey guys, what do think about these suits? By the way, thanks maybellineny for reblogging this.


As we come into 2013 and look back on 2012, we at What a Man Should Wear could do a “year in review”, a man of the year, a top (insert number here), or even resolutions for next year. Unfortunately for you, we are not that organized or decisive. So instead we are going to highlight some of our favorite moments of the year in men’s fashion (more or less), at least partially based on what you guys responded to.

One of my (Amy’s) favorite things of the year was the increasing attention paid to Mr. Eddie Redmayne. The hipster in me has to point out that I have loved him since his Pillars of the Earth days, but he is so deserving of the attention he is getting thanks to Les Miserables (I mean, let’s admit it, his cheekbones alone deserve that kind of attention). But beauty and…

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Men’s style: The bow tie is the true statement maker of 2013. SAY SOMETHING!

The invention of the bow tie first began with a man named George Bryan “Beau” Brummell, and is a french version of the English classic.  Over the years the bow tie has lost some of its fines; not to mention that ties are easier to find and a little bit easier to wear.  Just because something is easier to find, doesn’t make it better.  Usually bow ties are saved for special occasions, but due to the emergence of bow ties in casual patterns and materials, they are now being used as the  true “statement maker.”

I found this on this as a GOOD look, and it makes such a bold statement, without even trying.

I found this on This as a GOOD look, and it makes such a bold statement, without trying too hard..

Flag ties are great because they look good, and they say so much without you having to say anything at all.  Flag ties are more of a casual look, not the tie you want to wear to prom.  Honestly, you could pair this with a pin-stripped  button-up a pair of jeans, Nikes and a fitted hat for a really great urban-geek look.  Other great bow tie patterns like plaid and solid colors, can be really casual too.

I found this one at This is such a sexy look. way better than a tie!

I found this one at This is such a sexy look. way better than a tie!

For special occasions this year, leave your tie at home and pickup a bow tie.  This one is elegant, sexy and sophisticated. It’s impossible to go wrong with such a good look.

I found this one at this is great look for fraternities, shot out to Omega Psi Phi!

I found this one at this is great look for fraternities, shot out to Omega Psi Phi!

Stripped bow ties are the BEST selection, especially if you’re in a fraternity or club and want to (or need to) where your colors. Never can enough be said about the bow tie.  This is a great part of men’s fashion that often is left out.  If you are interested and want to learn how to tie one, click here.