Top places to take your girl for an inexpensive getaway in New Jersey

There aren’t  many sentence combinations that  bring more joy than, “pack your shit girl. We’re going on a trip.”   I love going on trips and spending my man’s money, but I know every weekend can’t be a getaway in the Hampton’s.

Great place to stay in AC

Great place to stay in AC

Atlantic City is one of the best places to plan an inexpensive trip for your girl. Hotel room prices on the weekend are skyscraper high, so you wanna try to plan your trip during the week. My boyfriend and I stayed at the AC Hilton from Monday to Friday morning for only $65 a night.

Planning trips during the spring and fall seasons can help keep your traveling fees low.  Those seasons aren’t major times of the year for traveling, so hotels and other tourists’ venues just want to fill seats and their prices aren’t as inflated as they are during regular vacation  seasons.

Me giving a thumbs up on the boardwalk.

Me giving a thumbs up on the boardwalk.

Another great way to treat your girl is to take her on a day trip.  These types of getaway require a little bit of planning depending on how you want to spend the day.  Pick a weekend to get a couple’s massage with her, or to do something out of the norm, like a pottery lesson, or camping.    Trips like these are great because even though you both aren’t going somewhere that’s 100 miles away, you still bring something new and exciting to the relationship she, that has never done before. The secret to doing the daytime getaway right is to keep in mind the kind of girl you have and the type of things you know she will enjoy.  Don’t plan to go camping if you know she’s going to bitch about bugs the whole time. Your goal is to create a new experience that you both can enjoy.



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